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About Us

Strings Art Gallery by Amir

The idea of Strings came out at a time when I was searching for that one string which is connected to my existence. It was a philosophical, never-ending approach, that added doubts to nearly every aspect of my life that were supposed to settle down to faith until I lost faith to unanswered questions and false expectations of something I used to believe in.

My strings remain unattached and will always be. I find my escapism from the never-ending search in my art that has brought me, not alternative answers, but true answers to the unanswered questions.

Amir Amine

About Us

Strings is an online Art Gallery established by the Beirut based independent Lebanese artist Amir Amine, 2021. Strings presents Amir's art and offers his photography collections of Lebanon's nature and architecture as wall arts. His interpretations to his captured photographs are portrayed to you on wall canvases and posters to ignite your imagination.

Strings is made possible with the help and support of Amir's sisters.

The wall prints feature Amir's landscape, cityscape, nature and street photographs of Lebanon, abstract photography and graphic design of conceptual ideas and experimentations crafted by Amir.

Strings Art Gallery features art on canvas prints, posters, and framed posters.

Free shipping in the United Stated (US). International Shipping to more than 190 countries. All wall arts are low priced; special financing for payments between 50$ and 1000$


I turned my photography into accessible prints to showcase my experience
with the change that art has done to me.
I believe that if you let art access you inwardly by giving it the sufficient time,
a true change within yourself is reflected upon every step you take.

Let art access you

01. Details

I treat details not less than the finality. A piece of art does not resonate in me by its general beauty or final production rather than by the details included, and that's what art is supposed to be; not a book of history that restates the glories and major events, but an expression that weighs the details of the depths of the artist.

02. Reviving Haunted Rooms

My identity is in the infinite possibilities of existence I produce to a scenery. My "Existence" photography collection is about that; a collection of scenes that might have existed in one way, brought up in a million other. My "State of Mourn" collection exclusively reveals my identity which I dreaded to apply on the liveliest city of Beirut.

Buy Abandonment canvas from my Existence collection to add infinite existence to your room.

Get the State and Mourn canvas to keep in the memory of the lively state of Beirut.

03. Interface-free

Most of my photos feature ambient filters that break down any typical interface supposedly put to command you what to feel and instead commands you how to feel based on your reflections. My favorite ambient filter is the plain-less Black and White. My monochrome photography is for you to color with the liveliness of your imagination that is based on the connection you felt with it.

Reflect upon your experiences with my B&W canvas

04. Colors

Color grading is my latest experimentation. I think Color Filtering my photos is most important to me because it clears a picture's flaws until they're unrecognizable and outweighed by the atmosphere provided by the color.

Lovescapes, Beirut City, is my first color grading experimentation and my favorite, significant due to the setting and the love I felt while capturing the scene.

Canvas Print

Our photos are printed on and wrapped around a sustainably sourced canvas (FSC certified material), then suspended on a 2cm thick FSC certified wooden frame.

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